The Art of doing Nothing -

- a creative, silent week to reboost your lifeflow.


 The Artic Hideaway  - www.theartichideaway.com

Sunday 29.September

lørdag 6. oktober


Welcome to a quiet week. To a week full of nature, silence and being. Entering the space of the unique buildings, and the spaciousness of the Fleinvær Island. You’re taken of the hook, encouraged to leave your to-do list at home.


Be prepared for being. We will facilitate meditations, creative exercises in groups and individually. With basis and inspiration from systemic constellations, art therapy and shamanic traditions. Walks and time in nature.


We share the meals and open for sincere and deep conversations. As stranger becoming friends. Swim in the cold and warm up in the sauna. The intension is for you to go deep into silence, into the being of you dancing with the wild nature of northern Norway. Going from active daily life, to present being – and in silence hearing the creative voice of your soul guiding you to the next step on your unique path. My intension is for you to leave rejuvenated and excited about life, nature and the time we are living in.

possibilities without a plan

Your host

Mie Dahlmann Jensen is the facilitator, host and spaceholder. An entrepreneur of Hyllest organic elderflowers juice as well. Danish origin, living in Norway since 2001. Went from outdoor education in the norwegian wilderness to teaching in school to own cafe and business - through this journey supported and expanded with an education of familyconstellation, artthearapy. You can read more about me and my journey here.


Being the caretaker of The Artic Hideaway a periode during the spring, and with many experiences of meeting silence within and without. 


A smile, a laugh and a continually search for the lightness in life. I love to meet people, connect and bond through our mutual experience in this lifetime <3

Your stay

Stay in unique arcitectureNordic design

Welcome to 6 participants. 

Shared spaces: Bathroom, showers, sauna, studio and kitchen.

2 Singel cabins:  2850,- NOK / per day

2 Shared cabins:  2700,- nok /per day

Course and food : 8400,- NOK

Total 16 450/ 17 350 NOK

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Welcome to call for questions, tips off travel and more to Mie @ +47 94 82 39 80 or by email


                                                        Welcome !  

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